Fix Conflicts and Errors in Sharepoint Workspace Document Library

By | August 23, 2016

sharepoint errors

There are 3 types of error situations in a document library, and each of them signified by different indicator:

  • Get Available Updates

In this scenario, indicated document doesn’t contain most existing content. This condition may happen with definite file types that don’t synchronize when updated, like MS OneNote files.

A sync icon is affixed to documents that are in this condition.

  • Edit Conflicts

In this situation, document has been edited on server and in SharePoint workspace. A conflict error icon overlies file type to designate this case.

  • Errors

Errors typically generates from inadequate server authorization. Like, if you insert, edit, or remove a document from library in SharePoint workspace, you should be having corresponding SharePoint server agreement to make alterations during next management. If you don’t have requisite permissions, documents are situated in error state.

In library of document, folders and items both may specify issues.

To resolve error or conflict, use Resolve tab, as mentioned beneath.

Using Resolve tab to fix errors and conflicts

The Resolve (Error Tools) tab emerges in ribbon whenever document faces error or conflict.

To resolve, choose items that designate conflict or error, and click Resolve Conflict or Error. SharePoint Workspace facilitates special options, relying on whether item is in conflict or an error state, or merely requires to be updated.

Getting available updates

If download icon is attached to document item, this shows it doesn’t hold most existing content.

  1. Select document item that has download icon.
  2. Click Resolve
  3. Get Available Updates.

Resolving document item conflicts

  1. Select document item that displays the conflict icon.
  2. Click Resolve tab and then hit Resolve Conflict or Error

The MS Office Upload Center window will be opening, and mark the document that’s representing a inconsistency.

  1. Click Resolve to check options for resolving appeared conflict.

For example, you can unlock document to observe and evaluate modifications with server version, save a copy of document in SharePoint workspace to local or network directory, or plainly abandon current alterations in SharePoint workspace report of the file.

  1. Click close box in Upload Center window when you are finished fixing the edit issue.

Resolving document item errors

  1. Select the document item that has an error icon.
  2. Click the Resolve tab and then click Resolve Conflict or Error

The Microsoft Office Upload Center window opens, and lists the document that is indicating an error.

  1. Click Resolve to see options for resolving the error.

Since most errors are the result of insufficient permissions, your options for resolving an error are usually limited to saving a copy of the document to disk, discarding changes you made in the document, or discarding the documenting entirely.

  1. Click the close box in the Upload Center window when you are done resolving the edit conflict.

Resolving folder errors

Errors specified on a folder are too characteristically the outcome of inadequate permissions. For example, you might not get permission to adjoin new folder on server of SharePoint.

  1. Select folder item that displays error icon.
  2. Click Resolve tab and then go for Resolve Conflict or Error.
  3. Select an option in Resolve Error dialog box.
    • Click Fix Error if you desire trying again. For example, perchance your server authorization has distorted. If you are not capable of fixing the error, then you require to choosing some other alternative.
    • Click Save As to hoard folder to disk.
    • Click Delete to erase the folder.

Fully automatic solution:

SharePoint Server saves primary data files that saves and stores all information as- workspace, documents, content database, lists and document libraries etc in Server MDF files. When Server corrupts because of some reason it becomes inaccessible for the administrator. In such situations updated backup files or restore files are very helpful in getting back inaccessible objects from server. But when there is no backup file then only option left is to some third party repair tool and SharePoint Repair Tool is best available option for this purpose. This powerful tool efficiently scans damaged database files and recovers inaccessible objects in MDF database files. This repair tool offers user to rescue share point database content as indexes, tables, labels, stored procedures and documents, from inaccessible MDF files.



Step 1 – Download and Install SharePoint File Repair Tool on your system. Launch the software and you will see the interface and shown in the image below. You can select either ‘Complete Repair’ or ‘Document Recovery’.


Step 2 – With ‘Complete Repair’, the screen shows options to select and find SQL Server (.MDF) files. Use ‘Search File’ option if you don’t know actual path of the database. Now click on ‘Scan’ to start scanning.


Step 3 – Once the scan process complete, the tool will create a tree of all SharePoint database tables will be demonstrated in the left pane. The sample will be in the right pane. Now click on ‘Repair’ to inaugurate repairing for preferred database.


Step 4 – When you click on ‘Repair’, the below dialog box will get displayed. Specify the SQL Server name/Instance name and the desired destination path. Click ‘Browse‘ to select the destination path. Click ‘OK‘.


Step 5 – After completion of the process, a message will be displayed like ‘Recovered file saved at the desired location’. Now hit ‘OK’ button.


Step 6 – Another dialog box will ask you to attach repaired database to the web application. If you click ‘Yes’ button then below dialogue box will appear. Now enter application URL, name of the damaged database and SQL server instance name and then continue by pressing ‘OK’. When it’s done, repaired database will be available.