[Fixed]: ‘This is a Corrupted or Damaged QuickBooks Database’ Error

By | December 9, 2017

Fix QuickBooks Error 'This is a Corrupted or Damaged QuickBooks Database'

Summary: Facing QuickBooks company file errorThis Is A Corrupted Or Damaged QuickBooks Database’ can be scary because all financial data stored therein is too important to be lost. Fixing such errors through conventional solutions is not possible, what you need is advanced troubleshooting methods and the help of third party QuickBooks file repair software.

Intuit QuickBooks work as lifeline for small and medium-sized businesses. It can handle over all their financial information such as expenses, income, task or creating invoices, bills as well as balance sheets to it and you can relax while the software work for you.

Today, there are thousands of trusted customers using QuickBooks for their critical monetary information. And naturally, there is no doubt regarding its security features, the data QuickBooks store is secure from online theft and misuse.

But what we are going to discuss in this post is completely a different kind of threat that QuickBooks data is exposed to. Because this threat comes in the form of error and it can easily damage or corrupt the company file making all the data stored within it temporarily or permanently inaccessible.

And the QuickBooks error and its solutions that we are going to discuss in this post is – This is a corrupted or damaged QuickBooks database.

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Overview of “This is a corrupted or damaged QuickBooks database” error

Intuit QuickBooks is mostly used in multi-user and networked environment and hence it may throw several errors frequently. In order to add the lack of flexibility in its conventional database format, QBW file hence makes it difficult task to recognize the file corruption. In most of the cases, the files are damaged or corrupted much before they are recognized by QuickBooks.

In such cases you may encounter the below error message while you try to open/access a QuickBooks database:

“This is a corrupted or damaged QuickBooks database”

Now let’s discuss about the solutions!

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Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error “This is a Corrupted or Damaged QuickBooks Database”

The above error message can sometime occur due to network or drive issue and not due to corruption with file itself. To make sure you must run the Verify Data Utility, which is a built-in tool available in “File” menu. Also make sure that you first click on ‘Close Company/Logoff’.

If your QuickBooks is corrupted, then it will display “Data has lost integrity’ error message. If you get this error message, follow the below mentioned steps to repair the file.

In order to repair the file, you have to run Rebuild utility. But before you use this utility, you have to keep these two things in mind:

  • If the file is located on the network drive, then you must first copy it to local drive.
  • Make sure that no files (Customer Names, Account, etc) are hidden.

You can now run Rebuild utility. It is also a built-in utility available in “File” menu. The utility will ask you to backup the affected files (so keep the backup of affected file in different location).

After running the Rebuild, you have to re-run the Verify Data Utility. But, it should be performed before renaming the QuickBooks log (QBWIN.LOG) file. This file can be found in the installation folder of QuickBooks.

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Recommended Solution: Help From Third-Party QuickBooks File Repair

If above methods fails to fix ‘this is a corrupted or damaged QuickBooks database’ error, then in such situations you must switch to third-party QuickBooks repair tool.

One of the most popular, trustworthy and reliable third-party software is QuickBooks File Repair Tool. It scans the detect the problems within the company files (QBW) and repairs them with ease and thereby allow you to recover and access critical information such as customer details, company, vendors, employees and much more. It is powerful and safe and it work as a one-hit solution to all .qbw file corruption and damaged problems.

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This data recovery tool for QuickBooks software offer risk-free recovery of sensitive financial information such as payroll transactions, job details, paychecks, etc from QBW files and hence allow you to resume your activities without any hassle.

The software has simple 3-steps process that includes Select, Scan, Repair, the software is capable of fixing severe corruptions with QBW files and hence brings up the QuickBooks in running state in no time.

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Steps To Repair and Recover Corrupted/Damaged QuickBooks File

Step 1: Download and install QuickBooks File Repair Tool and click on “Select File” button if you know the location of QuickBooks files or select “Search Files” if you don’t know the location of files.

QuickBooks error

Step 2: Click the ‘Scan File’ button for scanning the selected file.

QuickBooks error

Step 3: After then, click on the “Company” button to see the preview of scanned company information.

QuickBooks error

Step 4: By clicking on ‘Customer’ button, you can see the customer related information.

QuickBooks error

Step 5: Click on “Vendors” button to see the information of vendors.

QuickBooks error

Step 6: If you want to see the information of employees click on “Employees” button.

QuickBooks error

Step 7: Click on the “Repair” button, a “Save As” dialog box will appear select version, path and then click on the ‘Start’ button.

QuickBooks error

Step 8: If repair process is successfully completed then a message will appear as “repair process completed successfully”. Now click ‘OK’ and close the box.

QuickBooks error


When errors faced with QB software, then users waste lots of time in fixing the error through manual solutions. But, if you do not want to waste time, then you must try QuickBooks File Repair tool as this product has proven to be the best solutions to fix QuickBooks company file errors.

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