[Solved] Complete information about “Entourage Root Certificate Error”

By | January 21, 2017

Fix Incorrect root certificate is installedMS entourage is a perfect email client for Mac user, it is a product of Microsoft corporation. Entourage mail application is one of the reliable and most powerful email application that provide lots features to its users.

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The updated version of entourage application contains lots of advanced features and efficient data structure from its earlier Entourage application. But it is still not completely free from the different types of issues like its previous version. You may still notice or receive errors while accessing this application. Error appears when you open emails or send or receive emails. Entourage Error starts appearing due to lots of issues which are either internal or external.

Causes Behind Mac Entourage Errors

  • Internal corruption of Entourage database.
  • Corrupt Entourage Identity.
  • Improper shutdown of system
  • Rude way of operating the application.

If you are trying to open Entourage on Mac OS and getting the following error message upon POP connection: “Unable to establish a secure connection to smtp.officemail.co.nz because the root certificate is not installed. If you continue, the information you view and send will be encrypted, but will not be secure”. Then you are at the right place, in this article we will describe the complete tutorial to repair “Entourage Root Certificate Error” or Fix Incorrect root certificate is installed. Before applying any fix, you should read the below given information:

  • This type of error occurs when user open Entourage and also when they try to send email.
  • When you accept the prompt then Sending/Receiving works, but email is being sent unsecured.
  • You will see that other email services (Xtra, Hotmail, etc) work normal in Entourage
  • Problem has been replicated on the test bench

The problem can appear and affect the users that using Mac OS X 10.5.8 (or earlier) with the Microsoft Entourage email client.

Get rid of “Entourage Root Certificate Error”

In order to fix “Entourage Root Certificate Error” you need to apply below given tricks, follow the given manual method but carefully if you don’t have any knowledge about how to rune these tricks then quit the manual method and apply given automatic tool.

Steps to install the new certificate on Mac OS are:

Step 1: Download the certificate from the Microsoft’s official webpage and save to desktop

Step 2: Open the file and select “Login” from the dropdown menu in the keychain window that pops up

Step 3: Click OK, reboot Entourage and when prompted for keychain access click “Always allow”

Some common Errors are

  • Your Office database is damaged-Do you want to quit MSN Messenger and all Microsoft Office Programs so that the Database Utility can run?
  • An error occurred while trying to rebuild your database
  • Entourage cannot access your data, to attempt to fix the problem, rebuild database
  • This Identity Cannot Be Opened With This Version of Entourage
  • Can’t read file “Database”, error -54 (file is busy/locked), path: “Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2004 Identities/Main Identity/Database”
  • The action could not be completed. An unknown error (4362) occurred

Other Manual Tricks to Fix Entourage Errors Manually on Mac

In order to get rid of all types of entourage error you need to apply manual method, these manual tricks are able to deal with entourage corruption errors. So, apply them one by one

  • First of all verify the database integrity
  • Try to rebuild entourage database.
  • Delete the previous identity and Create a new one.
  • Also try to create a new Microsoft User Data(MUD) folder
  • You must repair permission of the Mac OS X hard disk .
  • At last delete the previous user account and create a new user account.

Applying manual method without any problem you needs some technical skills, otherwise you cannot repair the entourage database and the database may get damaged permanently. If you are unable to apply the given manual steps then you should opt third party program to fix entourage error on Mac.

By apply the professional Entourage Database Repair tool you can easily make your database error free. This tool is able to deal with all types of errors without need of applying anything manually. It will automatically scan your entourage database and make then error free in few minutes.

downloadnow file buynow file learn-more-button-orange

This is also a recovery tool if you want to recover your entourage database data but don’t have backup then this tool will help you. Entourage Repair software is able to scan your entire Entourage database and extracts all the data from inaccessible database. This software is also able to handle all entourage database corruption scenarios, it is one of the easy to use and effective entourage recovery tool. It supports Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.6 Snow Leopard.



Step 1: Start the Entourage repair Tool software. After that ‘Select Entourage Database File’ dialog box that gets displayed first by default. Now in the text box you will find a default location of database file, is by default selected. Press on ‘Browse‘ option to select database file from any other location.

user guide1

Step 2: After this the file will scan itself. After the completion of scanning process, a summary message box will get displayed. Hit on the ‘Close’ button to close this summary message box.

user guide2

Step 3: After this have a preview of the repaired Entourage database file before saving, open it in Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair. You will find the default repaired mail which is displayed on the preview window. To have a preview of any mail, hit on ‘Mail’ button of the Tool bar or go to ‘View’ menu and click Mail option. You can even select your desired Entourage mailbox folder to see its contents.

user guide3

Step 4: Now to save the repaired entourage file at your desired location, click on the File option on the application’s menu bar. Then select the ‘Save Repaired File’ option and after this you will find the ‘Destination Folder’ dialog box. Select your desired destination for saving the repaired file.

user guide4

Step 5: At last you will find a saving process dialog box. You can even click on ‘Stop’ button to stop the file saving process.

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