[Solved] How to Fix “Database Daemon Fatal Error” in Entourage Database?

By | December 2, 2017

fix Database Daemon Fatal Error

Is your entourage database showing “Database Daemon Fatal Error”? If yes then you need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

MS Entourage database throws Daemon Fatal error because of the service processing failure issue.  This error message can also appear due to the improper crashing of the Mac.

Once this issue appears then you will become unable to access your mailbox data like contacts, emails, notes, etc. Along with this, you will also face difficulties while trying to access installed apps and other hard drive files.

This issue can negatively impact system performance and that’s why it is recommended to fix the error as soon as possible.


Causes of “Database Daemon Fatal Error”

  • Unintentional Deletion of Entourage Database files
  • Deletion of the drive which contains Entourage system files
  • Corrupt hard drive Read/Write operations
  • Improper shutting down of the system
  • Computer virus infections
  • An outdated Entourage application may lead to problems.
  • An incomplete installation of Mac Office Entourage may crash several times.
  • Corrupted or damaged Entourage or Mac preferences files may cause such types of problem.
  • Because of corrupt or damaged font cache, entourage file may also get faulty.
  • At the end, if Entourage database gets infected or corrupt then it will fail to read the database.

No matter what are the reasons, you need a proper solution to deal with this issue.


Tricks to Fix Entourage Database

Trick 1: Reboot Entourage Database Daemon

  1. Navigate to the Apple Menu-> System Preferences -> Accounts
  2. Now open the main account from the navigation pane
  3. Click on Login Items or Startup
  4. Choose all items that initiate with Microsoft and then click on the minus sign (‘-’)
  5. Exit the window and reboot your Mac

Again launch the Entourage and check if the error persists.


Trick 2: Erase Entourage Preferences

In order to reset Entourage preferences to the default settings follow the below-given steps:

  1. First of all exit from all MS Office applications
  2. Click on the Home on the Go Menu
  3. Navigate to the Library-> Preferences
  4. Now, trash the following files:



Note: For the MS Office 2004 users, you will need to erase the file named


If you are unable to find any of these files then your Entourage installation uses the default preferences. So you need to follow the below steps.

Backup/Restore any other files from the Trash you may want to keep and then empty it.

Exit from the Trash window and reboot your Mac


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Trick 3: Rename Microsoft User Data Folder

To rename the MS User Data folder follow the below given steps:

  1. Quit all the Microsoft applications
  2. Navigate to the Finder-> Go -> Documents
  3. In the opened window, find the MS User Data Folder
  4. Replace the name with like Microsoft User Data Folder-OLD
  5. Exit Documents window Restart your Mac


Trick 4: Backup and Rebuild Entourage Database

  1. Navigate to the Finder-> Go -> Home -> Documents -> Microsoft User Data folder
  2. Open the Office <version> Identities folder and after it right-click on the Main Identity
  3. Choose Duplicate and then exit from all windows
  4. After it quit all applications
  5. By holding the Option key on your Mac launch Entourage. Don’t release the Option key until the Database Utility window appears
  6. Now in the Database Utility window, choose the database and your Main Identity
  7. Click on the Rebuild Database and then click Continue
  8. Another window will appear with rebuild progress status. After the completion of the rebuild progress, it will show a notification
  9. Click Done-> Quit


Trick 5: Fix the Unexpected Quits and Database Corruption

  1. Initially, make sure that the hard disk is not faulty or damaged.
  2. After it downloads and installs the latest updates for Microsoft Entourage and even Mac OS X operating system.
  3. Then use the installation disk and Re-install the MS Office for Mac.
  4. After it removes the .plist files. These are the preferences files and a damaged .plist file can generate such issues.
  5. Also, remove the damaged font cache. You can search the font caches User>Library>Preferences>Microsoft>Office Font Cache.

If you are still unable to fix the issue then you need a professional Entourage Repair Tool. This repairing software will let you fix entourage errors.

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A log report of the entire restoring process is also generated by this software that provides you complete details of the Entourage repair process such as total time takes destination path of the repaired file, etc. This recovery software is also able to restore the entire database without need of any backup file, simply download the tool and add your corrupt database to recover.

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This tool is one of the famous and efficient ways to remove any types of error from your entourage file, it is specially programmed and designed by the group of professionals. It is a very reliable tool to fix errors appear in this file, it can easily repair corrupt files of Entourage database that contains all emails, calendar items, attachments, notes, contacts, and tasks.