Things to Know About SharePoint Document Management System

By | February 25, 2017

Things to Know About SharePoint Document Management System

You might have heard about Document management system which stores and organize documents in several way. This can be in progress such as creating a content and then sharing this with an organization.

But there are many organization who don’t have any way to store their crucial stuffs which they create. Hence the data is saved in somewhat uncontrolled or unmanaged way. Because of this, employees find difficult to share and access the content.

But it does not mean that your data will be managed in some other way and have a chance of getting damaged somehow in future.

When your data is not safe and secure then it’s obvious that problem will occur to use valuable business information or data in content. So here you can know about document management system along with its features and how to use it.

Not only is this but the main purpose of this article to provide information about SharePoint Document Management System. It will cover some of the essential features, what to do more and why to use it.

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About Document Management System

Well the Document Management System denotes a software which allows to save and keep track of all electronic documents. This is the common features of any document management system but it is also for those users who comes with several features. This management system is designed with an aim of instructing users of how to manage files and documents. Whereas some comes with robust suite for business related tool.

This commonly denotes social intranet software, social business or the collaboration software and this suites best for businesses looking for managing day to day operation.


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is one of the best web application platforms in the world in Microsoft Office server suite.  It is designed as a broad, central application platform for common enterprise web requirements. It helps the employees and project teams of the same organization to collaborate with each other.

How do I access SharePoint?

If you want to access SharePoint then just hit on right corner of window where you have to sign in to use search option. There you have to find SharePoint sites and documents which you have to authorize to access. Navigating SharePoint site will no longer be available of index site, instead you have to sign in to access the particular site.

How do I check a document in after I have checked it out?

Well to check the document, you have to drift your mouse over the document and then click on down arrow to right of document name and at last hit on check in.

Features of Document Management Systems

It is important to know that every business is different but some prevailing reflections are there before you select a document management system. In this field, there are many advantages of using this management system. Some of them are:

  • Search capacity– generally users or employees wants a wide search options for files and it provides a good support by just typing the file name and its content
  • Integration– very easily participate with those programs which you have already used like email client and customer relationship management software.
  • Easy to use– If the document management system is difficult to use then at the same time it is also less effective
  • Security– It should have perfect security so that it can avoid from any type of third party access. It can be anything like role based security, particular document, audit control, data encryption or automatic logoff settings.
  • It is cost effective– Whatever you purchase requires immediate and meaningful return on investment. So the cloud based solutions have less costs
  • Social networking– Well the capacity for lots of users to view and add some aids to single document, is all based on permission.
  • Mobile access– Nowadays it has become easy for anyone to work anytime from anywhere because its now be accessed by mobiles and tablets.

All these features are provided by Document management system but one thing to know is that SharePoint is also a document management system which is a collaborative platform by Microsoft. Generally this provides a secure place to store data, share, organize and access them easily. Because of such features, it is used by wide range of users worldwide.

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SharePoint includes server, online, workplace and foundation which helps organizations to decrease cost and also reduces risk. This management system is used by many organization and its increasing daily wise, the reasons is it provides security to content. In fact it is organized by several other ways such as Skype for Business, large departments or large businesses, Microsoft Exchange etc.

What is SharePoint document management?

SharePoint document management is where employees can store their content in proper and safe way where they can easily access or share or organize it. It is metadata based document library where it allows users to upload and tag documents. These all are based on tags and keywords and there is nothing to fear whether they are accessing a duplicate or latest version of file. Well its wide used by many organization and so here you can know some of the benefits of it.

Its universal– You should know that SharePoint plays an important role in largest businesses which means it can handle complete content of the database. Because of its huge features, it is used by many SharePoint users.

It can be easily used– Now SharePoint can easily be compatible with Microsoft mobile devices because of Office 36. But now it is easily available in mobile app for iOS along with Android and Windows 10.

Why use SharePoint?

When the product changes then it becomes important to save the data of it in secure place because SharePoint involves mature part of Office 365 or with OneDrive for Business. Due to all these, it is highly recommended to use SharePoint because it is a web platform. It completely means that any employee of the particular organization can access it with any browser. All these features attract users to go for it and it is amazing to use.

Though it may be difficult to think of how to secure the data of your organization but going for good document management system will definitely help you to grow your business in secure way. However if you are selecting SharePoint for your document management system then this would be the best and successful step. Though previous versions were some where bring and they cannot afford such benefits but now going through it can really provide users or employees with lots of benefits.

Using SharePoint for management system helps users to just drag the files to upload them in libraries. Because of this feature, SharePoint is liked by many organization and it contains latest web techniques. Even it has become easy to see which individual document is shared with.

Microsoft Office SharePoint supports organization by providing wide set of document management capabilities which help users to do the below mentioned things:

  • Easily store or organize the documents
  • Easily manages metadata for documents
  • It protects the documents from unauthorized access or use