Things To Look In a Best Relational DBMS For Small Firms

By | February 27, 2017

Relational DBMS For Small Firms

Whether you believe it or not, choosing a right database is such a difficult task for every people. Most probably for those who are working in small or large firms. However, mid-size to large organizations generally chose a complex database for their convenience. Do you know small business generally take a different means of saving data that is easy to use? Also, they focus on simplicity as they do not have an administrator or any staff. After I reviewed the differences among the various types of DBMS, I found some factors resides there that keep all the databases apart from each other. Here, in this blog, I will let you know everything about each of the relational DBMS that can be beneficial to use for small firms.

Database is the backbone of today’s business. Right from the public sector to high-tech industries, there is nothing much more important than the data, transaction, analytic of data and the storage. When it comes to the best relational DBMS, IBM DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Server are just outstanding. However, there are lots more database that can be used in small firms which I will further discuss in this blog. So, it is very important to know which RDBMS makes the most sense for you. And believe  me, it completely depends on number of factors. If there is a large organization and you want to run your DBMS on that mainframe then I think IBM DB2 is the best choice. Well, all databases are quite different from each other but for some special cases, they are similar as well. So, now I will try to define the differences and the similarities among different RDBMS by simply mentioning about these RDBMS.


Why Relational DBMS is important for Small Firms:

After going through several factors I found only two major facts behind using relational DBMS in small firms. You can also have a look at them in the below part:

  • Data Integrity: Here data integrity is an important thing when you are running small or big firms. It means that robust storage and easy backup/recovery transaction-safe. It is even better if the database can be easily replicated.
  • Ease of Manageability: No one expects to maintain the database forever. So, for the sake of the management, these databases has been developed so that they can manage the data easily even without any loss of data.


Best Relational DBMS For Small Firms


  1. Microsoft SQL Server


Here, at first, I will discuss Microsoft SQL Server. It is a microsoft servercomprehensive database platform that provides enterprise-class data management and integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tools. This relational DBMS has started so late after IBM DB2 and Oracle but it has made strategic investments to push its SQLServer to the frontline so that it can compete with Oracle and DB2. Being the foundation of comprehensive data platform of Microsoft, SQL Server used to deliver breakthrough performance for mission-critical applications. Do you know how this comes into action? Well let me make it clear – this is done with the help of in-memory technologies. Also, with the help of faster insights from any data to any user in familiar tools such as Excel. It builds and manages solutions that span on-premises.

  1. Oracle RDBMSoracle

Next, you can find Oracle RDBMS which is an enterprise server, specially designed for grid computing. This is the best RDBMS that runs on multiple platforms with its latest version 12c where C stands for cloud computing. Oracle is known to be “The Database” in the IT industries. And if you want to become a Database Administrator then it is very important to make sure that you are the Oracle DBA. If you are willing to become a Database Administrator then it is quite vital to make sure that Oracle DBA and that is all for you to set your career.

It is so important just because the Oracle has the constant market share in the database field with huge corporations. Also, it has mission-critical data centers that run on Oracle database in the Real Application Center (RAC) environment. If you are good at using Oracle database then there are lots of job opportunities for you. Oracle used to keep pace with several other new and advanced features that may include JavaScript Object Notation support, multi-tenancy and temporal capabilities.

  1. IBM DB2

Now it’s time to move forward with DB2. It is the Oracle’s biggest competitor on Linux and Unix operating system. Apart from these two, DB2 is also available on Windows and iSeries midrange servers. The latest version that people used today are DB2 11 for Linux and Unix and Windows (LUW), DB2 11 for z/OS and DB2 for I v7.2.

When it comes to functionality, DB2 is revised and updated with market-leading features on a regular basis. It also includes temporal capabilities, JSON support, advanced compression being among the recent advances and shadow tables. IBM generally delivers the ability to run Oracle applications in DB2 for LUW with the DB2 SQL compatibility feature. It does not make any changes to business logic in the client code, stored procedures or triggers.

  1. Teradata

When the world gets smaller, the data gets teradatabigger” – interesting tagline for Teradata Database. This is one of the best and the most powerful Very Large Database (VLDB) system. In the recent era, the concept of VLDB has shifted to Big Data which focuses on the value of data for business decision-making. There are lots of large scale data warehousing and business intelligence systems that are powered by Teradata. Teradata database is rarely used by some big retailers and telecom enterprises. This also offers you some unique features like the intelligent optimizer so that it can process queries and filter data as well. Also, it can efficiently respond to any request that applied that query power to dynamic data without adding columns to your table.

  1. MySQLmysql

How can forget to mention MySQL when I am talking about best relational DBMS? MySQL is an open source database. It is the most well-known database for web-based business applications and this database is moving to enterprise level. Apart from DB2, this database is also best for internet systems like dynamic website and e-commerce. If you are the one that runs your own blog with WordPress then you must be using MySQL. There are lots of popular and fastest-growing organizations include Google, Facebook, Zappos, Alcatel Lucent rely on MySQL. It saves time and money that powers their high-volume websites, packaged software, and business-critical systems. This relational DBMS is now Oracle’s hands but it still maintains its independence. If you also belong to such kind of organizations, then you can also use this database.


Best Among These Relational DBMS From My Point of View:

I think there are lots of users who just want to perform every task in a proper manner whether it’s a case of data or any other thing. When it comes to maintaining the data in a proper manner, I would prefer DB2 database. This database is very easy to use and can manage all your data in a proper manner with an ease. However, sometimes it happens that your database becomes corrupted o damaged due to several reasons. No matter what the reason for the corruption is – but it can be repaired easily. Yes, here comes the thing that you want to know right here, about the repair and recovery of the database.

Well, if you use DB2 File Repair Tool, then it would be possible to repair and recover your damaged or corrupted DB2 database easily.

However, sometimes you may also find there are some data access errors take place that may lead you to face lot of issues while accessing your data.

Apart from such above issue, you may also get SQL code errors that have to be solved to access your database without any hassle.


Practical Scenario

Last few days before one of my friend came to me and ask for a solution to repair his database. I suddenly asked then what the issue you have faced then without wasting any time he just explained me the thing he faced. He then explained me the scenario – he said that he has saved all his crucial data to the tablespace and the tablespace got corrupted but he was still unfamiliar with the reason of corruption. This was the thing he faced. Well, not only my friend, there are lots of other users as well who face this issue but let me tell you that “There is a solution for every problem” and for this case as well, there is a solution.

You can resolve this tablespace corruption issue in DB2 database with the help DB2 File Repair Tool. However, while using DB2 database, there are lots of things you have to consider so that you can improve DB2 performance.

Bottom Line:

Well, I know even after going through the above blog, you will still be confused to select the best relational DBMS for your small firms. So, after mentioning the overall concept of these databases, I can conclude that using IBM DB2 Relational DBMS would be the best option you. As already mentioned that it releases its updated features on a regular basis, no one can avoid such fact. Also, it has been found that most of the firms whether small or big, they are also opting for this DBMS. All I can say that you should go through the reviews and the features they provide to the clients before you select any relational DBMS for your firms.