What is MySQL Error #1064 – How to Repair It?

By | December 28, 2016

fix mysql error 1064

MySQL is an open sourced rational database system that is very useful but in many cases, it is found that while working with the database programs, the user starts getting database errors and also regular PHP errors. This is really the very annoying problem but no need to panic as here in this guide we are going to the complete information about the error 1064, its causes, and general troubleshooting.

What is MySQL Error 1064?

The MySQL error 1064 is a syntax error, which means MySQL is unable to recognize the command issued by a user, as the command is not valid within the Structured Query Language or SQL. This error might seem like cryptic at first sight, but closely analyzing it, user notice that they are informative and provide sufficient detail about the problem. The syntax error in programming results in the incapability of the parser to understand the command and fail to do anything with it.

Causes of the MySQL 1064 Errors

The MySQL error 1064 code generally state the problem and also the solution to fix it. By carefully reading the error message will disclose how your command desecrated the syntax rules in the MySQL. If in case, you get words like “near” or “at line”, then you require checking for problems in those lines of the code before the command ends.

MySQL errors 1064 not only signify where the problem occurred but also states what you need to fix it. For instance, this might suggest that you compare the grammatical rule violation against the manual that communicates to your MySQL version for the right syntax to use.

Here follow the possible causes of a MySQL 1064 error, so that you fix it easily:

# Cause 1: Misspell of Commands

It is found that the error 1064 Error can occur due to mistyping of a command (for ex: you have written UDPATE instead of writing UPDATE). And this is the common issue that occurs so frequently as typing are so easy to miss. And to prevent this error, review your command for any typos error before running it. And if in case you face trouble using the right syntax, and then search for the specific command you are having trouble with. Clear up the typos or correcting the typos will make the error disappear.

# Cause 2: Error Caused by Outdated Commands

This is another reason behind getting the irritating MySQL error 1604. This is faced by the user due to the use of the outdated commands. A number of commands and keywords are criticized, that they are due for removal, however, they are still allowed for some time period before they turn to complete. An example of a criticized command that went obsolete is the ‘TYPE’ command that was criticized with the debut of MySQL 4.1 since was totally removed in versions 5.1. so, if in case the user uses the TYPE command in version 5.1, then this will return a 1064 syntax error. You need to replace the “TYPE” keyword with the “ENGINE” keyword as for version 5.1. If you are switching hosting companies or just want to have an older backup of a MySQL database that you want to import, the best quick solution is to explore and replace “TYPE=InnoDB” with “ENGINE=InnoDB”.

# Cause 3: Due to Missing data

In the database when data is missing and that particular data is necessary for a query, the 1064 error code will be returned by the MySQL engine. The dashboard interface of the user application will permit to enter the missing data, or a user can go into the database generally through phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench and add the data in the right table row manually.

If the application is running an inquiry at every page load, for instance like you are not following the commendation and you are building queries chiefly by string concatenation, then you may get the following query in PHP for example: “SELECT * FROM customers WHERE customer_id = “.  $_SESSION[‘user_id’]. This suppose that the user is logged in and the $_SESSION[‘user_id’] has a value, though, sessions could expire and in that situation the query that runs would become “SELECT * FROM customers WHERE customer_id = ” and MySQL’s answer to this query will be the 1064 error code. There are a lot of places where users does not use default values, and the other example will be the sorting parameters, that are generally column names but in some cases, the application might receive empty values, and in return user still get a 1064 error code.

# Cause 3:  Due to Reserved Words

Reserved words mean the words that are different from MySQL version to MySQL version and serve up particular purposes or are used to carry out particular functions in the MySQL engine. The user may receive a 1064 error while using a reserved word, either because they are using a reserved word that is not exact for the MySQL version you are having or because you are failed to meet the exact requirements to use it (e.g. using it with quotation marks or backticks).

# Cause 4: WordPress MySQL database Transfer to Other Server

One can get this MySQL 1064 error due to a WordPress database export to another server. Selecting the compatibility mode and modifying the database version to the current version you are using can facilitate to fix the error.

Please Note: it is recommended to remember selecting the compatibility mode under the advanced tab while performing a backup and click the auto-detect file character set while restoring the MySQL database.

Well, if after analyzing the following causes you are still unable to repair the MySQL error 1064, then it is recommended to make use of the alternate solutions to fix it:

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Alternate Solution to Fix MySQL Error 1064:

Make use of the best professional MySQL File Repair tool this is the crucial tool that is highly effective in repairing corrupted, damaged, MySQL database and various errors in the MySQL. This powerful tool works effectively by performing systematic repair of corrupt MySQL tables with powerful scanning techniques. It consists of a highly interactive user interface which helps the user to fix any type of error easily. It does not modify the original data stored in the table and in fact, does not overwrite or delete the original database It helps to recognize all problems which come with database and does not matter whatever error appears.

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Step 1: Download, install and launch the MySQL Database File Repair Tool

Step 2: Now click on ‘Select’ button & select ‘Repair corrupt database which is stored at default location of MySQL’ and ‘Manual option to select your database from default location’ option for selecting your database from the default location and then click.

Step 3: In the left pane  the preview of the database and its component in a tree like structure after completing scanning process.

Step 4: After preview, you can start to repair process by clicking ‘Repair’ button in file menu on the main user interface a dialog box will appear. Click Yes.

Step 5: After successful completion of the process, a message box is displayed as ‘repair process finished successfully’. Click ‘OK’ to close the message box.

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