InDesign CC 2017 Review – What’s New In Adobe Creative Cloud 2017

By | April 25, 2017

 InDesign CC 2017 Astonishing Review

For all InDesign Photoshop users the release of InDesign cc (creative cloud) is going to be a like getting an extra bonus. As the new InDesign cc addresses designer’s most pressing needs and renders everyday workflows friction-less with speedier app performance along with the unparalleled stability and time saving features. So, now the marvelous creativity is at your finger tip. Smooth out your design workflow with this rundown of best practices and new features geared to help you work smarter in Photoshop CC.

New feature is totally a waste until you don’t know how to use them. If you are one of the millions of creative users, you probably have question in your mind that what’s going to help me the most in the latest release of Creative Cloud? So, to get answer of this question let’s starts conquering about what are the new additional features includes in this new InDesign cc 2017 update.

InDesign CC Essential Skills

Creative Cloud Libraries

You can now browse and access your creative assets – colors, type styles, shapes and more. In new libraries that are available in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Now it’s too easy to access assets created from the shape cc and color cc mobile apps. Libraries sync to creative cloud can be shared so you and your creative team always have the files you need, especially when you need them.


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Footnotes That Span Columns

Footnotes That Span Columns

Now, while working with a multi-column text frames you can insert footnotes that span across multiple columns on specific text frames or across entire document. Just select the span footnotes across column options in the document footnotes options to enable this feature. As per the selection, this option makes all the foot notes in the document either span across the columns or reverts to the original.

By default the option of span footnotes across columns is enabled for a new document created in InDesign CC.  However this option is disabled by default for an existing document in previous version.

OpenType Enhancements

OpenType feature is more discoverable in this new addition. When selecting text or text frame, you can click a badge that contextually displays the OpenType properties applicable to selected text. Along with that you have the option to preview how a particular OpenType property looks.  If mixed fonts are present in the selection then OpenType properties for all fonts are displayed.


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Hyperlinks Panel Performance

The upgraded version of InDesign version include with great hyperlink panel performance feature. Previously, if your document included with multiple hyperlinks connected to the hyperlink panel, it would load slowly. But with this new feature the Hyperlinks panel works faster and gives much improved performance.

Stroke Arrowhead Scaling

In this new release of InDesign you can scale start and end arrowheads independently of line stroke weight. Also switch them with a single click using controls provided in the stroke panel.

UI Enhancements

Now in the control panel there are functionality to customize control panel. Also, when you click that option, the relevant tool widgets are expanded by default.

Preference for Panel tab height

The preference to turn off the large tab height is also there in InDesign cc. You can find the preference under Preferences > Interface > Panels > Large Tabs.

In-app Search Of Adobe Stock Assets

adobe stockcustomize v1

Along with the searching for Adobe Help, you can now search for adobe stock assets from within InDesign. Just select Adobe Stock from the drop down next to the search box to search for assets in adobe stock.

Ordinals and Ligatures with InDesign CC 2017

in context

Ordinals are numbers such as 1st 2nd and 3rd. when selecting such ordinals in InDesign it provides the opportunity to apply an ordinal property, positioning the letters above the numbers. This is quiet similar to the way InDesign makes it possible to more easily format fractions. In similar changes InDesign CC 2017 offers context options for handling ligatures. Ligatures are actually the pairs of characters that a type designer has indicted should be joined together like, the letter s and t in the word street or the letters f and l in the word fly.

GPU Performance And Animated Zoom

GPU Performance And Animated Zoom

The GPU performance enhancements let you render faster when zooming, scrolling and planning without sacrificing display quality, also on the HiDPI monitors. Use animated zoom to zoom to the exact center of an area by clicking and holding or clicking and scrubbing left and right.

Shared Network Protection

Shared Network Protection

Now you can keep working on documents opened from a shared network, even if the connection to the network is lost or interrupted.

Animate CC Integration

Access Adobe Animates cc animations directly from your Creative Cloud Libraries, and then incorporate them into EPUBs as well as documents you publish to Publish Online formats.

Touch Workspace Option

Touch Workspace Option

Create layout on the go using the new touch workspace optimized for the Microsoft surface pro or any Windows Touch Device. Use intuitive gestures to create objects, ext boxes and more. Include creative assets like images from your Creative Cloud Libraries. To complete your layout, attach the keyboard or switch to any other InDesign workspace.

Publish Online (Preview) Enhancements

Publish Online (Preview) Enhancements

You can now publish and distribute document online where they can be viewed without a plug-in. Publish online is now available in all InDesign languages and includes the ability to embed the link in a website ,share on twitter and email and get analytics around documents view. Besides this the edited documents can be republish to the same URL.


Over all, adobe continues to add value to their creative cloud offerings by adding new features and improvements to their applications that focus heavily on ease of use elevating the complication of work style for its users. InDesign CC 2017 is right to explore grate start and it’s exciting to think about what they have in store for us for the rest of years.