How To Resolve MySQL ERROR 1045 (28000): Access Denied For User?

Fix MySQL ERROR 1045 (28000): Access Denied For User

After completing the installation of a local host server, if you try to access the phpMyAdmin, then you may encounter MySQL error 1045 (28000) access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES). This error primarily comes into action when the local host is not assigned with complete accessing authority or may be the password that is facilitated is incorrect. If these things will be happening then you may come across this error. But, you need not worry, in this article you will be guided properly to find a way around for avoiding & solving MySQL error 1045 (28000): access denied for user.

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How to Rebuild Index InnoDB Table In MYSQL? [Easy Ways]

MYSQL rebuild index InnoDB table

What does the InnoDB commands actually do in MySQL? What is the need to rebuild InnoDB table? All the answers related to these questions, you would be able to know after reading this blog. Well, rebuilding and repairing the table or indexes can be necessitated by making changes to MySQL. In this way you can handle the data types as well as make changes to its characters. But, if you are the one who want to rebuild index InnoDB table in MySQL then, you have come to the very correct place. In this article, you will come to know that how you can easily rebuild or recreate index InnoDB table in MySQL.

But before proceeding further, let’s know the importance & benefits of InnoDB in the MySQL…

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How To Repair Corrupted MySQL Tables Using myisamchk? [2020]

How To Repair Corrupted MySQL Tables Using myisamchk

MySQL database are generally stored in MyISAM by default. It is known that MyISAM table generally gets corrupt quite often. In such cases How can then the be protected from being corrupt? This is possible with the help of myisamchk, which would help you to identify as well as repair corrupted MySQL tables using myisamchk in MyISAM. While creating a table in MySQL, three different files are created they are as follows:

  1. *.MYD(MyData) file to store the data,
  2. *.MYI(MyIndex) to store the index, and
  3. *.frmfile to store table format

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[Fixed] Unsupported Extension Used For Table Error in MySQL Database

Unsupported Extension Used For Table” in MySQL Database

Many MySQL database users are upgrading MySQL tables to the latest version to take benefits of the new privileges added to the new version. The MySQL upgrade is the utility that is available for the upgradation of MySQL tables. Though the upgradation has lots of advantages but it can some unexpected error and leads to partial or complete loss of data from the tables. One such error message is – unsupported extension used for table.

When you face such situation you might lose your MySQL database then backup allow to you retrieve the lost data. But what if you do not have any backup or if it fails to recover the data, then at such cases you will need to repair the corrupted or damaged table(s). To repair corrupt table(s) you will need a professional MySQL database repair tool.

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How To Resolve SQL Server Error 824? [Best Techniques]

Resolve Error-824 in SQL Server Database

Continuously getting MySQL database error – 824 when trying to work with a server database? Are you unable to access the server’s NDF & MDF files? Well, you need not worry, as in this post you will get complete information on how to resolve SQL server error 824 without much delay or data loss. So, before you learn the best solutions to troubleshoot SQL database error 824, it’s very much important to know about this error and what causes this issue.

So, let’s see…

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How to Backup And Restore MySQL Database Using Mysqldump?

Backup And Restore Mysql Database Using Mysqldump

To backup and restore MySQL database using mysqldump is very efficient as it helps you to create a *.sql file with the CREATE table, DROP table, and INSERT into sql-statements of the source database. For restoring the database you need to execute the *.sql file on destination database. With the help of the mysqldump you can backup your local database and restore it on the remote database at the same time with the help of single command. Here are some of the reviews by which you can backup and restore MySQL database using mysqldump utility.

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Resolve My SQL Error 1067: The Process Terminated Unexpectedly Easily

My SQL Error 1067: The Process Terminated Unexpectedly!

If you are trying to install MySQL v5.5 on the Windows machine with Windows 7×64 Enterprise edition and it is installed fine but when you are running the “MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard” it gets paused forever. Then you will come to know that the “MySQL” service hasn’t started, and if try to restart it, it says “Windows could not start MySQL Service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.”

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[Guide] How To Fix MySQL Error Code 145 With Ease?

Fix MySQL Error Code 145

MySQL is very popular open source database management system that is used by many small and large organizations. It is compatible with many latest languages such as C, C++, JAVA, PHP and PERL. This database is widely used at a backend of various applications. This database uses a standard form of SQL and has a powerful internal structure. Although sometimes it show MySQL error code 145 when user try to access it or open it, MySQL error makes it completely inaccessible for user and in short database get corrupted.

However, if you’ve an online application connected with the MySQL then that application also get damaged badly. To overcome form such situation there are mainly two working options are available for the user to fix MySQL error code 145 that mentioned in this post.

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