How To Fix Innodb Table Corruption In MySQL? [4 Ways]

Repair InnoDB Table Corruption in MySQL

MySQL is a commonly used RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems). Users love to work with it, as it provides amazing feature for both small and big firms. It has a two main storage engine to keep an important data InnoDB & MyISAM. It is a part of fast growing LAMP (Linux, MySQL, and Apache). Due to its extensive use you may face InnoDB table corruption in MySQL issue anytime. Well, you need not worry, as in this post you are going to learn the best solutions to check & fix InnoDB table corruption in MySQL along with its possible causes.

So, before knowing the fixes to repair InnoDB table, let’s have a look at the possible causes behind MySQL table is corrupted issue.

What Are The Possible Reasons Behind MySQL InnoDB Table Corruption?

Below I have listed a few major factors that might results in the MySQL user table corrupted problem. Let’s see…

  1. MySQL service gets crashed after reboot
  2. There is a bug in the OS or in the MySQL code
  3. Due to the bad memory or power failure
  4. A MySQL server gets stops in the middle of writing process.
  5. The machine, on which MySQL is running, is shut down suddenly
  6. Because of the hardware failure

So, these are the common reasons due to which your InnoDB table corruption in MySQL database problem take place. As you have learned its causes, now it’s time to discuss on check & fix InnoDB table corruption in MySQL.

How To Repair MySQL InnoDB Table Corruption Problem?

Try out the below outlined techniques to resolve “InnoDB: database page corruption on disk or a failed issue occur.

Solution #1: Restart MySQL Service

In order to check innodb tables for corruption and to fix it, first of all you need to restart your MySQL service. Doing so will help you to access the MySQL server. Here are the easy steps to do so:

  • At first, press the ‘Windows+R’ keys at the same time.
  • Under a dialog box which appears, just type the services.msc, then hit Enter.

Essential Tools for Windows Services: Services.msc - The Core Technologies Blog

  • Now, in a Services, simply search for the MySQL Service & make right-click on it
  • In this step, you have to click on stoprestart or start

After finishing the above steps, if still you are unable to access a Server, then try the next method.

Solution #2: Check Table for Errors

Another best option that you can try to repair InnoDB table corruption in MySQL that is checking or testing MySQL error log. It may help you to identify the InnoDB corruption and to fix the error or bugs. You can check the errors InnoDB table using dual methods. Though, which solution can be used here depends on your situation.

#1. If your server is working, then you have to use the CHECK TABLE command to check for errors in the InnoDB table.

mysql> CHECK TABLE table_name;

#2. The second situation is that if your server in MySQL has crashed or is offline, then try the Innochecksum to find for errors on the InnoDB table.

shell> innochecksum [options] file_name

Solution #3: Analyze MySQL Server Log

If you find corruption in the InnoDB tables, then examine MySQL Server error log to get relevant info about the specific InnoDB errors. The error log will help you understand:

  • If the table gets corrupt due to database page corruption. A corrupt page in MySQL database can lead to corruption in a db table.
  • If the failure occurs due to a deadlock, execute with innodb_print_all_deadlocks statement enabled. Details about all the InnoDB deadlocks will be printed to MySQL Server error log.
  • If you encounter InnoDB data dictionary failure issues, you will need to resolve “inability to open .InnoDB files”, “failed CREATE TABLE statement” and “system cannot find the path specified” errors. Troubleshooting these errors will enable access to InnoDB data dictionary.

Automatic Solution To Fix Innodb Table Corruption In MySQL

If none of the above solution works for you, then you need to use the best and recommended MySQL Repair Tool. This tool will definitely help you to fix InnoDB table corruption in MySQL and recover data from corrupted MySQL database.

It is quick, easy and safe to use with its data scanning algorithms and make sure total recovery. It repairs & restores table, data type and the other database object of both the MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines. It supports every versions of MySQL such as 5.x, 3.x, 1.x, 4.x or 2.x that is available for all the present platforms that consist of Windows 95/ 98/XP/2000/2003 servers. The best thing about this repair tool is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge so now a non-technical person can easily operate it without anyone’s help.

So, what are you waiting for, just download and install this software and repair innodb table in a hassle free manner.

Steps to Repair MySQL InnoDB Table Corruption Problem

Step 1: Download, install and launch the MySQl Database repair tool.
Step 2: Click ‘Select’ button to find and add corrupt MySQL database to the application and then select OK. Here you have the option of ‘Repair corrupt database which is stored at default location of MySQL’ and ‘Manual option to selct your database from default location’.
Step 3: After the scanning process you can now see the preview of the file in the left panel of the software.
Step 4: Now you can start the reairing process, just click on Repair button. A dialoguie box will appear. Click Yes.
Step 5: After successful completion of the process, a message box is displayed as ‘repair process finished successfully’. Click ‘OK’ to close the message box.

Bottom Line

You might have known how to repair innodb: database page corruption on disk or a failed error successfully. But if you want safe, efficient & fast solution then I would like to use the MySQL File Repair Tool which is choice for millions of users.

So, the choice is all yours, which solution you want to use to fix InnoDB table corruption in MySQL database.

All the very best to you…