3 Ways To Fix Outlook Your Profile Is Not Configured Error

3 Ways To Fix Outlook Your Profile Is Not Configured Error

Facing problems in access your Outlook application and frequently getting Outlook your profile is not configured error? This error usually arises while opening, updating, or installing a specific program.

If you are getting the same issue, then this blog post will walk you through the various causes of the Outlook profile configuring issue. Besides that, it explains the right way of fixing Outlook profile is not configured error.

What Are The Causes Of “Outlook Profile Not Configured” Error?

Before approaching the fixes to resolve this specific Outlook error lets us know the possible causes which lead to generating this error.

  • Roaming Profile:

Outlook users that are having roaming profiles generally render this type of error.

The roaming profile is usually comes connected with the MS Exchange Server organization. As these are on the shared network, thus users consider this more worthful for connecting to their profiles and setting communication with other PC.

While user performs such tasks, they will receive this specific Outlook profile is not configured error.

  • Missing OST or PST File:

When your PC which runs the Outlook application fails to fetch the OST or PST file. Then users will get the following error message.

  • Corrupt Data File:

Corruption of Outlook data files occurs due to various causes like logical error, virus attack, and other synchronization issues. This ultimately leads to corruption of Outlook data files and occurrence of Outlook profile not configured error.

  • System Crash:

If meanwhile importing the Outlook data file your PC crashes. This will end up the configuration process in middle and very soon you will start getting the profile configuration issue.

How To Fix Outlook Your Profile Is Not Configured Error?

Method 1# Set Up Outlook As No Email Client

  1. Open your Outlook control panel and hit the mail icon. You can see the mail setup Outlook screen. Hit the Show Profiles option.
  1. Choose the Profile first and then tap the Remove button. Note: Any Emails in this profile will be lost. The Profiles should now be blank.
  2. Hit the Add… Button and then in the profile name enter “Outlook”. After that tap the OK button.
  3. Hit Cancel on the screen of Add New E-mail account.
  4. Now on the Microsoft Office Outlook Screen hit the OK button.
  5. Open your Outlook application. If your Outlook is not been configured properly yet then you will get the following screen. Or else just go to step 1.

Note: if setting up the Outlook 2010 screen will display the Outlook 2010 instead of Outlook 2007.

  1. Tap the “Next” option and choose “No” and then the “Next” option.
  2. Tap to the check-boxes for continues with no email support. After then click the Finish button.

Now you will see that your Outlook is configured with no email client.

Method 2# Configure Outlook To Have A Default Profile

This cannot start Microsoft Outlook profile is not configured error occurs after installing the application and protocols used for synchronization are not set to Outlook.

Following are some tricks to fix this issue.

How Do I Configure Outlook To Have A Default Profile?

1: Reset the Protocols To Point To Outlook

  1. In Windows, hit the StartSettings > Apps, and after then choose the Default apps from the left-hand side.
  2. Choose the Set defaults by app.
  3. In the appearing list of applications just look for Once you get it make a tap on it and then choose the Manage option.
  4. Check each of the file types to ensure that it is associated with the Outlook application. You can also make a tap on the right side of the file type and then choose Outlook from the appearing list.
  5. Close the opened window and now run the repair option of Office. Well, the step for accessing the repair tool may vary differently as per the OS. Select from the appearing drop-down list.
  6. After finishing up the repair process, restart your PC.

Just open the iCloud and then check whether it can sync without undergoing any further problem.

2: Uninstall Previous Versions Of Office

Maybe you are using the older MS Office version on your system and thus your Outlook is not getting configured.

To check this out, just go to your PC’s Control Panel and choose Programs and Features option. Now scan the list for any other version of MS Office which is installed.

If you are using the older version then choose it and tap the Uninstall button. Restart the PC and check whether it resolved the problem or not.

Method 3# Use The Outlook Repair Tool

Use the reliable Outlook Recovery tool software to restore your harshly corrupted files without breaking their integrity.

This tool also recovers e-mail, notes, calendars, contacts, and attachments of bigger sizes. For complete and right recovery of Outlook data use this software as this gives you the option to see the preview of recovered files.

Steps To Use Outlook Repair Tool

Step 1: You need to download, install, and run the Outlook PST repair tool. Then click on ‘select outlook file’ to choose the PST file where you want to work or you may find the specific PST file also.


Step 2: Press “start” to begin scanning, once you have selected the PST file.


Step 3: After completion of scanning, all recovered mailbox folders and other data appear on the left side of the window. You can select the files of your choice from those.


Step 4: After selecting items of your choice you can press “save recovered file” to recover the files on your PC.


Step 5: When your files are saved, a dialogue box appears that confirms that files are saved and also shows the “recovered file size” and “destination path”.



It’s quite common to encounter errors meanwhile accessing the Outlook application.

Now that you know what are the possible fixes you can try to fix Outlook your profile is not configured error. I have tried my best to discuss different methods with detailed steps to fix Outlook is not getting configured error.

However, if all the manual solution fails to work then also you have the option to go with the Outlook Repair tool. It will surely resolve the problem and very soon you will be able to access your Outlook data file.