(Ultimate Guide) How To Unlock Word Document Without Password?

unlock Word document without password

How To Unlock Word Document With Or Without Password? Don’t know? Okay, let’s read this article and get your answer below.

Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program in the world. It is a worldwide used application for creating documents and save your personal or professional data securely. Word is the easiest program that lets you create, edit and share work easily & quickly. It has the capability to secure the information & lock the document with a complicated password to keep the file safe from unsafe hands.

Sometimes, it may happen that you forgot the password, then what? You don’t have to worry about it, you have come to the correct place. This article contains the complete guide on how to unlock Word document without password. So, stay tuned with me and troubleshoot locked word documents with ease.

Part 1: How To Unlock Word Document Without Password?

In this section, I have listed a few solutions on how to unlock word documents without password. So, try one after another way and see which method will help you to unlock password protected word document 2010.

Option #1: Unlock Password Protected Word Document With VBA Code

If you don’t want to go with any 3rd-party tool then you can try this technique to unlock password protected Word document with VBA code. But remember one thing, this solution will only work if your password is of three characters or less than 3.

Hence, any password longer than 3 characters will unable to solve how to crack Microsoft Word password protected file. To remove the MS word password with VBA, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, create the blank Word (.doc) document.
  • In the second step, you need to press the “ALT + F11” keys together to launch the Microsoft (VBA) Visual Basic applications.
  • Next, click on the “Insert” option >> tap on “Module“.

module word

  • Then, you need to type the codes in the Module that is shown in the below image:


  • At this time, press the “F5” key on a keyboard in order to run the code.
  • Now, find a secure document in a File Explorer >> then open it. It’ll be opened in a read-only manner with a password displayed on the small box.

Option #2: Unprotect The MS Word Document With the Cocosenor Program

Step 1: Start the Office Password Remover on a Cocosenor program.

(If you don’t see the Cocosenor program on your PC then download & install it first.)

Step 2: Then, make a tap on Open to choose the locked .docx document. Then, make a tap on the Remove Password option.

Step 3: When you get the message “The File decrypt successfully!” It simply means that a password has been removed.

Step 4: Click on the Open option that you can see in the dialog, you’ll see a locked Word file open without any protected password.

Step 5: Lastly, your .docx document has been unprotected successfully without the lost password!

Option #3: Remove The Word Password To Modify The Document

Another method you can try to remove password from Word document 2007 is to modify some details. Hence, to open the protected word document, just follow the below-given instructions:

  • Open the protected Microsoft word document.
  • Then, Save As the, choose the Word as XML Document (*.xml), close Word.


  • Next, make right-click on the saved XML document (it should be in a same folder) to launch with text editing tools such as Notepad, WordPad, or other text editing tools.
  • Press the Ctrl + F key at the same time to open a Find dialog box.
  • Under a Find text field, you need to type “enforcement”.
  • At this time, you will see a word that is followed by w: enforcement=”1″or w:enforcement=”on”.


  • Just replace “1” with the zero “0” or you can replace “on” with “off”) in order to disable the enforcement. This will unlocks your Word-protected document.
  • In this step, save an XML document & close it.
  • Make right-click on a saved XML document >> then on Open it with Microsoft Word.
  • After opening the document go to the File >>Save As
  • Choose the Word Document (*.docx) from a Save as type drop-down list.
  • Now, you can change a file name if you need to preserve an original protected file >> make this a new file.

save word document in doc format

  • Lastly, click on Save. Now, you’re able to edit your Word document.

Option #4: Remove Word Document Without Password Online

There are numerous online programs available on the internet to perform Microsoft Word password recovery, such as lostmypass.com. This tool is one of the best online tools that you can try to unprotect your Word document (Doc or Docx). It is available in different pricing structures.

Though, you need to only upload the password-protected document on an upload section that is given on the website. And depending upon the recovery options chosen, lostmypass.com recovers or removes the password of the Word document.

Part 2: How to Unlock Password Protected Microsoft Word Document With Password?

Well, if you have created the password in order to protect a Word file from unwanted access/change, you need to backup a password in a safe location. In case if you forgot a password in the near future then you can easily find out a password & then unlock the Word document.

Therefore, follow the below-given steps to how to unlock a password-protected Word document. After doing so, you can edit or read the document effectively.

Step 1: Firstly, make double-click on your MS Word document.

Step 2: When it will ask you for opening the password then you need to enter a password >> click “OK”.


Part 3: Unlock The Read-Only Microsoft Word File for Editing

To avoid accidental modifications to the Word document, numerous users use to set it to read-only. When you open the Word document in a read-only mode, you cannot edit it at all.

However, if you want to unlock the read-only document for editing, simply follow these steps:

  • At first, make double-click on your MS Word file. When it will ask you to open it as read-only, then click on “No” in order to open the document.
  • Choose the “File” option >> click on “Info”.
  • After this, click on the small arrow which you can see at a bottom of the “Protect Document” option
  • Next, make a tap on “Always Open Read-Only” to remove protection.

Always Open Read-Only

  • Then, you’ll have to save the changes made before you close a word document
  • Now, you’re capable to edit the document & save the changes if you would like to do.

Part 4: How To Lock The Word Document To Keep Your File Secure?

In order to know how to lock Word document, here are the easy steps that you need to follow very carefully.

#Lock MS Word File with The Open Password

Step 1: Open a Word document >> make a tap on “File” >> “Info

Step 2: Next, make a tap on the “Protect Document” and then click “Encrypt with Password


Step 3: Now, enter the password which you want to keep >> tap on “OK” to confirm it.

#Restrict Editing in The MS Word with Protected Password

  • Launch a word document >> tap on “Review” >> “Restrict Editing
  • Click on “Allow only this type of editing in the document” and then “No changes (Read-only)
  • Next, if you want then you can mark some parts & make them unrestricted: Choose the part of a document >> click everyone (under Exceptions).
  • Now, click on the “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” >> enter the password & confirm it.
  • At last, you will see “this document has certain edit capabilities that have been locked” or “this modification is not allowed because the selection is locked”.

remove editing protection from word

What if MS Word Document Get Corrupted & Damaged?

If somehow your Microsoft Word file gets corrupt or damage due to any reason then you can try the best recommended Word File Repair Tool.

This outstanding software will help you to repair corrupt .doc files after solving how to unlock word document without password issue.

It extracts the content from the file and rebuilds a new healthy word file that you can access easily. So your document and table of content both get safe even after the occurrence of such errors.

So, simply install and download this effective program from the below-given buttons to repair not responding or corrupt Word documents in a hassle-free manner.

Here are the easy steps on how to execute this feature-loaded tool…

Steps To Fix Corrupted MS Word File

Step 1: The user can select a single file or simply an entire folder that comprises too many word files. If you do not know the location then you can use the ‘Find File’ option.

User guide step 1

Step 2: The selected file will be displayed in a list, the user can select the Word file using a checkbox that is to be repaired. They must select all files by marking the ‘Select All’ checkbox. Then click on the ‘Scan’ button.

user guide step 2

Step 3: Even a preview of the scanned file could be seen before restoring ‘Full document, and ‘Filtered text’ formats by hitting the tab provided on a middle pane of the window.

Word file

Step 4: If the scanned word file is a .doc file, then available preview in “Raw text” format together with ‘Filtered Text’ formats and ‘Full Document’ and ‘Filtered Text’ formats.

Word file

Step 5: For fixing, the user necessitates to just hit on click on ‘Start Repair’ choice. Then they must select options to save files from ‘Save Document’ dialog pane and hence hit ‘Ok’ button.

Word file

The Bottom Line

This article stated the some effective methods to unlock Word document without password. Even I have also mentioned the solution to unlock a password-protected Word document with password.

No matter whether your Word file is a restricted editing password or encrypted password, you can easily find the helpful answer here to fix the locked word files issue.

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