Best Way to Recover Corrupted .mov Video Files on Mac

repair MOV files

MOV is a famous Apple Inc format, that’s used for multimedia files storage. QuickTime is built-in player for Mac system that’s uses .mov as native file extension for videos. This file format is normally utilized with wide choice of media files like animation, music, 3D, and recorded audio/video. Ease of sharing is prior reason to make it loving amongst users.

This file format can also get for number of reasons. Some most prominent reasons are stated beneath that can damage or corrupt MOV file.

  • Obstruction during the process of file transfer for reason like power failure, etc may damage the file structure that can turn the file inaccessible.
  • Incompatible Media Player can damage header that turns the data part unreachable. In harsh situations it can modify and damage QuickTime file.
  • Conversion of MOV file to another format can also damage files if done improperly. Hence it is advised to make use of renowned third party tool for format conversion.

And some other issues like virus attach, card damage if files are stored on some external storage device can lead damage of MOV files.

How To Prevent Video File Corruption:

When video corruption takes place for the time it is not possible to prevent but there are some steps that you can take when it again takes place in the future:

  • If you have notices video file corruption that is unrelated to the battery running out then it is always recommended to perform a microSD card format as soon as you can. Doing so will eliminate any temporary issues on the microSD card that might be contributing to corruption issues.
  • Always keep an eye on the camera’s battery life indicator. If the battery needs to be recharged then stop any recording that is in progress and just switch off your camera.
  • If you have notices any kind of error while transferring or copying videos from any device to your computer then you should try using a different mini USB cable or you should try to connect the camera to a different USB port on your computer. Sometimes, connection issues between the device and the computer can cause corruption to the video files.
  • While recording a video, your camera turns off unexpectedly and causes corruption to the video, maybe there is an issue with your camera’s hardware. In such situation, always make sure that the camera is in perfect condition when you are going to shoot any video.

Few Common Issues Related to Video File Damage:

Video files may become corrupted or damaged due to several reasons but the most common reasons behind the video file damage are:

  • Files saved in bad sectors may become inaccessible or damaged. Proper caring and regular defragment will allow you to avoid bad sectors creation.
  • Sometimes, video files may get damaged or corrupted if the media players get terminated improperly when the file is playing.
  • Sometimes, your video file stored in electronic devices like digital cameras, smartphone, computer may get corrupted because of the firmware fault of device.
  • Video files may also get corrupted when they are played in the unauthorized and worst media player.
  • Video files may also get damaged because of the alteration of video file extension. Your video files may also becomes corrupted or damaged while playing video file that are not supported in that respective player.
  • Corruption error may also take place when you copy or transfer video files from external data storage devices.
  • Virus attack on hard drive may affect video file that are stored in it. Sharing video files with other external device which is affected with virus will also corrupt the file.

Benefits of using Video Repair Tool

There are lots of benefits of using video repair tool. This tool can easily fix different issues such as corruption or deletion of the video file. It can also rebuild the damaged video file that got damaged because of improper ejection of the storage media. One can easily repair multiple video files simultaneously. It offers you to see the preview of the corrupted or deleted files before and after the repairing process. Using this software, you can also save the repaired video file in the desired location. This software is very easy to use; it just requires a few mouse clicks to quickly repair the files.

About Video File Repair

Sometimes users faces different issues related to their video files such as video stops suddenly, unable to play video, getting error while trying to play video, video file fails to respond, etc. If you face this kind of issue with your video file then it becomes very important to repair the file using any repair and recovery software. There are lots of video file formats that supports different media player. In this case, using Video File Repair Tool is one the best option. This tool is specifically designed to repair and recovery any kind of issue related to your video file. It is one of the most reliable and professional repair tools that can be used to repair damaged or corrupted video file. This tool is capable to repair video that used to get corrupted because of some changes made in the file format, virus attack, read/write error and compression issue. This tool can repair videos having different formats like M4V, MP4, MOV, F4A and M4A.


Step 1: Download and Install Video Repair Tool. Click on “Repair Video” to repair corrupt videos.

Step 1

Step 2: Now click ‘+‘ or ‘‘  in order to add or remove files.

Step 2

Step 3: Click button to launch ‘Preview‘ of corrupt Video before repair.

Step 3

Step 4: Video files are being repaired.

Step 4

In this, you can easily repair and recover corrupted recorded videos on Mac very easily using the above steps.

Tips To Avoid Video File Corruption

Once a video file gets damaged or corrupt then it gets unplayable or you face error message whenever you try to play a damaged Video file. There are lots of factors that can turn a healthy video into a corrupt video file.

Some tips are given below that will help you to protect your video files from being damaged:

  •  Use a strong Antivirus program: Sometime video file gets damage due to the infection of computer virus/malware, this is very common issue that make a video file damaged. If you want to protect your media file from virus infection then you should use an updated antivirus program.
  • Always make sure that camera’s battery is enough to record Video: If you record video file with a low battery camera then there is a chance that your video doesn’t   save properly and so gets damaged. So it is strongly suggested that charge the battery of your camera before using it.
  • Always use UPS with desktop system: While doing any video related operations if your computer gets unexpectedly shutdown then the related file gets damaged. To avoid improper system, shutdown it is recommended to take the help of UPS, this will prevent unwanted system shutdown and protect the file being damaged.
  • Create backup of your Video files: Creating backup of all your data is the best practice to get rid of Video file corruption, through this you can protect your important file from any types of corruption issues. If file gets damaged or inaccessible then you can use the backup of your data and restore them without any harass.


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