Free Download – OLM File Repair Tool

Free Download - OLM File Repair Tool

Outlook for Mac and outlook for Windows both can store user’s mailbox data on the local computer’s hard drive. Outlook for Mac stores user data in an .olm file format and outlook for windows stores data in a .pst file format. So, like PST, OLM file can also get corrupted and that will make you complete inaccessible to use all mailbox data like emails, contacts and other related data. The corruption and other problematic issues makes user complete inaccessible to access database. Well, you need not worry, in this webpage you will get the best OLM File Repair Tool that will effectively help you to fix majorly damaged or corrupted Mac Outlook archive (OLM) Files.

To know more about this feature-loaded software, you need to read this post till the end. So, let’s get started…

What Are The Situations When OLM Files Corrupted?

You can easily identify the data corruption in any of the following cases:

  • MS Outlook for Mac OS X can suddenly crash and stop loading.
  • Whenever you attempt to open your Outlook after rebooting up your system the error appear on the display like “error code 17897 Outlook 2011 for Mac” or “database daemon fatal error on Mac Outlook” etc.
  • After getting the above error message outlook suddenly get closed and you will get a bouncing logo of outlook in the doc after so many attempts of opening your email client.

When any of the above problems occurs in your OLM database, you need a frequent recovery anyhow so that you can keep working without any issue.

Best & Powerful OLM File Repair Tool

The OLM File Repair Tool is a beneficial program to repair corrupted/damaged MS Outlook for Mac OLM file. It has the ability to fix inaccessible mailbox stuffs such as Address Book, Emails Calendars, Journals, Tasks, etc.

This application is very well suited to repair & recover damaged OLM files successfully and provide efficient recovery of your database without requiring any technical knowledge and the best thing about this tool is that you can download this tool at free of cost.

Below you can see its more outstanding features:

  • Easily repair majorly corrupted or damaged OLM files in outlook for Mac
  • Also, recovers contacts, calendars, emails from the inaccessible OLM files succesfully
  • Option to save the specific folders present in OLM file
  • Searches & locates the OLM file from anywhere in the Mac system
  • Supports the exported mailbox files of outlook 2011, 2016 for mac
  • Compatible with the Mac OS X 10.7 & above versions (Including macOS Sierra 10.12).

So, simply Free Download OLM Repair Tool, and fix your OLM file corruption along with the several errors and issue.

Steps to Repair Corrupted & Damaged OLM File

Step 1: Select the crooked/damaged OLM file and begin course of repair by hitting ‘Start’ button.


Step 2: Scan file will be specified by ‘Scanning OLM File’ status bar. ‘Stop’ button will help you to discontinue method.


Step 3: Detailed summary of the entire process will be shown after completion of repair such as number of recoverable mail objects.


Step 4: : Click on “mail” icon to foretaste recoverable mail where middle pane displays mail into preferred mail folder from left and right pane shows the content from middle pane.


Step 5:Address Book’ icon will show you preview of your recoverable contacts in which middle pane demonstrates total contacts in address book and right pane illustrates details of the elected contact.


Step 6: Click the ‘Calendar’ icon to preview your recoverable Calendar notes in which middle pane shows all the calendar entries and the right pane shows the details of the selected entry.


Step 7: By hitting the ‘Notes’ icon, you can preview your recoverable notes. The middle pane will show all the notes which is available in your mailbox and right pane shows contents of the selected note.


Step 8: Hit the ‘Task’ icon to preview your recoverable tasks in which middle pane will show all the task in the mailbox and right pane will show the content of the selected task.


Step 9: Click on the ‘Save Repaired File’ to save the recovered mail objects. Provide the destination name and the file will be saved by the name-Main identity.rge.


Try Other Alternatives If You Don’t Want To Use The Reapir Tool To Fix OLM File Corruption Issue?

There are several instances when OLM files gets corrupted but there are solutions to fix this problem and get back your crucial OLM file back.

Fix #1: Create new account in MS outlook and look out for the problem that if it is duplicated or not. If new account is not get affected with this problem then it means that the problem is regarding the preferences. So after knowing the reason, removes the account preference and re-open the email client.

Fix #2: Use the Database utility to rebuild a new id of outlook and after that you can easily fix many of the issues related to the database. To do this, you need to follow the below given steps:

  • First of all, you’ve to hold ‘ALT’ key from the list of option
  • Next, choose the MS Outlook icon that is displayed on the clock. If by chance the MS Outlook is not visible to users, then you should go to Application.
  • After this, simply click on Microsoft Office 2011 and then go to Office folder /Outlook.
  • It will display all the Microsoft Database Utility


  • Now, you have to hit on ‘Rebuild’ option to fix OLM file corruption issue.

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After that close the Outlook and restart again to check if rebuilt error in Mac Outlook is still present or not.

Fix #3: Install latest updates from online resources of your Office applications and after doing so you can find several solutions.

At last if inspite of following these solution you are unable to fix this issue then freely Download OLM Repair Tool to fix any type of corruption issue occurred in your OLM file.

Time To Verdict

In this webpage, I have mentioned the great option to repair OLM files that is OLM file repair tool. Now, you can fix the damaged OLM files and access to them.  Apart from that, this program is capable enough to recover the deleted/corrupted contacts and calendars from inaccessible OLM files.

So, without wasting any more time, just download the free version of this excellent tool and fix all your OLM file corruption issues effectively

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